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Equipment Wanted 

RollerCompactor Chilsonator                               

Blister Pack line

Liquid Vial filler high speed  10ml-125m

Vee blender stainless steel 10 Cuft -125 Cuft

Glatt Fluid Bed Dryer GPCG 120-200

Jet mill 50-100lb per hour

TK Fielder/Niro Granulator 600 liter

Ribbon Blender stainless steel

Collette High Shear Granulator

Ross Mixer

Banbury Mixer

Complete Machine Rebuilding & OEM Parts Supplier

 We Now Offer & Supply Complete Rebuilding Service On

§  Processing Equipment

§  Packaging Equipment

§  Pharmaceutical Equipment

§  Rubber Equipment

§  Plastic Equipment


  Complete CNC Turning & Milling Capability services Include

§    Custom Fabrication

§    Micro-Welding

§    Complete Machine Rebuilding

§    Hard Coating Chrome Plating, Hard Nickel Teflon Coating, & Ceramic

§    Passivation

§    Electro-Polishing

§    Mechanical Polishing


USDA and FDA-compliant coatings for production machines

We can supply coatings to protect your food-processing & Pharmaceutical equipment from wear and contamination. Many coatings meet strict USDA and FDA requirements for product-contact uses –


Including Packaging Equipment

§  Blister Packaging

§  Granulation Processing

§  Mixing Equipment

§  Extrusion

§  Forming

§  Filling and sealing

§  Compression Equipment / Encapsulation Equipment 

§  Tooling


Technical Features

§  Non-stick properties for Pharmaceutical, Vitamin  & food processing Industry

§  Dry-lubricity

§  Sticking

§  Picking

§  Wear and corrosion resistance

§  Mold release

§  Non-porous, moisture-proof surfaces