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New Listing of Surplus Equipment 


Equipment Wanted 

RollerCompactor Chilsonator                               

Blister Pack line

Liquid Vial filler high speed  10ml-125m

Vee blender stainless steel 10 Cuft -125 Cuft

Glatt Fluid Bed Dryer GPCG 120-200

Jet mill 50-100lb per hour

TK Fielder/Niro Granulator 600 liter

Ribbon Blender stainless steel

Collette High Shear Granulator

Ross Mixer

Banbury Mixer

Complete Packaging Equipment 

Used Stick-Pack Machine for sale

Sanko FC-1000 12 Lane 36mm unit Year 2007

Sanko FC-1000 14 Lane 30mm unit Year 2009

Sanko FC-1000 4 Lane 45mm unit with Auger Feeder  Year 1999

Sanko FC-1000 18 Lane 23mm unit Year 2004

Sanko FC-1000 15 Lane 17mm unit Year 2004


Sanko Pouch Sachet machine New Sanko Pouch Filler sachet machine Model MC-101 Serial no# 150523892


Capmatic Rotary Cappers  Model:  RoadRunners A-6H

  •        Press-fit
  •        6 heads
  •        220v, 3Phase, 60 Hz, 15 Amps
  •        Capable of a cap size minimum 12 mm, and maximum 75 mm. Bottle diameter minimum 20 mm, and maximum 100 mm. Bottle height 25 mm, and maximum 300 mm.
  •         Operating speed 100-120 containers per minute.
  •         Cap positioning system upgrade
  •         Cap reject station (Vacuum grip on outfeed starwheel)
  •         Giraffe loader/elevator
  •          Locor status beacon light
  •      Originally set-up with tooling for for:
  •          Oval canister (39mm L x 28mm W x 82mm H)