1 Lead Credit

100 Liter Jacketed Pre-heat Storage Tank

Processing Equipment

· 100 liter working volume vessel with 20% additional


· 304 Sanitary Stainless-Steel exterior construction.

· 316L Sanitary Stainless-Steel interior construction.

· Non-ASME Model, built to meet 2017 ASME BPVC

Section VIII, DIV 1 standards.

· Tank is atmospheric with a maximum working pressure

of 15 PSI.

· Interior to be a sanitary #4 finish with professional


· Exterior an overall sanitary #4 finish.

· Jacketing offers optimal media transfer capability and

is insulated.

· Insulation a minimum 80mm of PU or Rockwool

dependant on vessel requirements.

· The interior of the jacket shell is coated with a Chloride

resistant coating to resist corrosion from the interior.

· (4) Total Legs with crossbars for stability.

· CIP Tank Spray Ball has spinner spray head assembly

and exterior CIP arm.

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