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  1. Qualicaps model F-40 capsule filling machine w/size 0 change parts included.
  2. Qualicaps model S-125 capsule sealing machine w/size 0 change parts included.
The F-40 versatile in its ability to fill various dosage forms. Powders, two layer granules, liquids of oil and paste, tablets, and minitablets are all types of products that can be successfully encapsulated. While offering an output of 40,000 capsules per hour, the F-40 is efficiently designed to measure 78cm (W) x 68 cm (D). Therefore minimizing valuable manufacturing space required. The cap and body disc are components that can be easily separated from the filling section. This straightforward method reduces downtime and provides easier reassembly after parts changeover and cleaning. Highly accurate filling can be accomplished for any of the chosen dosage forms. Due to the innovative design of the intermittent operation, capsules dwell for a longer period in the filling section of the machine, therefore increasing the filling accuracy.


Electrical: 125-250V, 20Amps

Includes change parts: Size 0