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Design Pressure – 1/3.     Bar.
Design Temp 145.C
Test Pressure 3.9.           Bar
Full Capacity.  14.7 M3
Net Weight 1900 Kg
Year 2014

Shell Dimple 43.5114.  PSI at 293 F
Max Allowable Working Pressure
Shell 14.5038.   PSI. 293
Max Allowable external working Pressure
Shell 68 F.  AT 43.5114 PSI
Min Design Metal Temp

New never used

Mixing tanks are used in many different industries in manufacturing. This Mixing tank can be used for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, food, flavor, cosmetic industries and more.

In Pharmaceutical it can be used for cough syrup mixing and heating or injectables like vaccine mixing. For nutraceutical it can be used to mix and heat vitamins, gelatin vitamins, oils, and more. For the chemical industry it can be used to mix and heat water, oils, and any liquid chemicals. Many Flavor manufactures and contact custom blending company use this to mix flavors and syrups. Cosmetic companies mix liquid lipsticks and other cosmetic items. Above all this tank is available today with no lead time is great for any contract manufacture that is looking to fulfill large orders. It’s in pristine condition since it was purchased and never used. These tanks are at a fraction of the cost of new tanks from Airplan.