New Never used 105 Cuft Munson Mixer

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New never used Munson Mixer (rotary Tumble Mixer)
50 cubic foot mixing capacity
105 cubic foot total drum volume
3500 Ibs. Maximum batch weight
Rated batch capacity approx. 1⁄2 drum volume
Bolted and welded construction
All product contacting surfaces constructed of #304 stainless steel
Rotating mixing drum is truncated at intake end with fully extended mixing
lifters to provide complete blending of ingredients
Blending lifters and baffles are continuously welded to the drum wall and are enhanced for cleanout
(2) hinged and gasketed inspection doors located on mixing drum
Extra access door on mixing drum and extra drum guard access door, allows for interior access from both sides, includes provision for holding upwards-swinging drum access door in place during cleanout
Stainless steel spray line for liquid additions
External heating/cooling jacket on drum of mixer
– Product charge is via a 8″ diameter gravity intake spout
Adiustable spring pressure radial seal assembly, FDA approved sealing materials
– Internal mixing drum vent in feed spout for customer supplied dust collection, recommend 200-300 CFM at all times
Rotating stainless steel reinforced urethane disc gate seals against precision machined surface
Discharge gate controlled by a 4 way, 3 position manually operated air valve Dust tight discharge spout assembly
– Unit supported by structural steel bed frame assembly
Mixing drum supported by meehanite iron trunnion rings on steel trunnion roller assemblies
7 1/2 HP, 230/460 Volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz, TEFC, 1800 RPM DRIVE:
– Helical gear reducer to a single strand roller chain and sprocket drive, drive and drum guards included
2B or equivalent finish interior, all welds ground smooth to 120 grit with no splatter. Internal bolt heads are filled and radius

Exterior non-stainless cleaned, primed and painted with FDA approved Steel-ItTMM paint