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Equipment For sale

 Fitzpatrick Chilsonator 7x10 New                                 75 Cuft V-blender stainless steel

 75 Liter Collette High Shear granulator

 25 Liter Collette High Shear Granulator

 1200 Liter Collette High Shear Granulator

 1200 Liter Collette Granulator

 IMA Precisa Check Weigher

 1 Cuft V-blender

 Mediseal Cartoning Machine P3000T

 Mettler Toledo Metal Detector

 Capmatic Capper New 






We are always looking for surplus processing & packaging equipment please feel free to contact us if you have any surplus machinery for sale.                                     

Equipment Inventory List                            

  • New never used Chilsonator Fitzpatrick 7x10
  • New never  800 Liter Glatt high shear granulator
  • INDEX K150i Capsule filler Year 2015
  • IMA Precisa 12 Capsule Sorter/ Weigher
  • Fitzpactrick Chilsonator model 2L x8D M5A 
  • New Capmatic Capper Model Road runner
  • New Mettler Toledo metal detector Safeline Metal Detector
  • Saan 600 Liter High shear Granulator
  • 1Cuft  P-K V-Blender
  • 1Cuft  P-K V-Blender W/Bar
  • 25 Liter Collette High Shear Gral
  • 75 Liter Collette High Shear Gral
  • 1200 Liter Collette High Shear Gral year 1990
  • 1200 Liter Collertte High Shear Gral 2004 Year
  • Lab Size Driacoater/w interchangeable pans
  • DCI S/S Pressure vessel  300 Liter 
  • New Never used Pharma-Pack Desiccant inserter Model no# PID-12 Year 2011
  • Mediseal Cartoning Machine Model P3000T

 We specialize in supplying surplus equipment for the following industries


  • Chemical
  • Plastic & Rubber
  • Food & Flavor
  • Vitamin Nutraceutical
  • Pharmaceutical